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As I have more than 10 years ago with PHPNuke began to work, I looked like almost every user of modules that enable me to offer own content without programming except plain text. The closest alternative to text is of course the picture. Therefore I was looking for a gallery, which I could upload and manage own images.

Far as I recall, there was even then not a gallery that was written directly for the CMS. Alternatives offered portings from the Coppermine and from the NukedGallery. Both portings were not easy to handle, the Coppermine in terms of usability was always one step ahead.

Unfortunately got the Coppermine over the years more and more into disrepute, as more vulnerabilities were uncovered. In addition to that, the developer of PHP Nuke also did nothing to secure his system. Therefore the galleries disappeared from the PHPNuke pages increasingly.

Warpspeed made the 4nAlbum module to offer a gallery whose development was discontinued. Cybertipps started a port of the 4images gallery. Unfortunately, the port is now no longer available.

Than I got 2008 again a revised version of Coppermine for PHPNuke into the hands, the hope was great. Unfortunately, it was not really improved much except that they are now running on the latest version of PHP. At this point, we could call this version clearly as outdated.

After that, my interest lost to galleries and I reached back more and more on solutions that worked without a direct browser-based upload and independent of any user control. However, I missed always a solution, as I was initially used by the Coppermine. But so far no one dared obviously closer to a solution that was written directly for a PHNuke distrobution.

Now since 2011 I develop custom modules for RavenNuke and a gallery was never available in all the time. Only Nuken of ventured close to this topic and wrote two galleries for the RavenNuke who accessed directly to a Picasa account but did not offer its own upload function.

I came in early 2013 by working at a shop system and a request in the RavenNuke forums the idea to tackle the topic itself. The basic idea was just a Trophy Room module for an online game in which the users can upload their trophy images. While working on this module I was not far from a gallery.

I had almost regardless of the user-created albums as they once worked at the Coppermine. I discarded at this point to the basic idea and built a module for managing categories, user albums and their photos, thumbnails and directories.

I also wrote a separate rating system for the pictures and also a way for batch inserts. Then there was the integration of Disqus Comment System. The upload-forms were created on the current safety standards. The code is fully validated with xHTML and is based on a modular applicable CSS file.

The HTML markup has been reduced to a minimum, followed by sprite-buttons and equipped with some jQuery plugins. The result is a Image Gallery exclusively based on the RavenNuke CMS, which shines through simple operations and a combination between user and admin functions.

Note: This modification works only with RavenNuke 2.5+ and you can get the files in the Downloads section. It needs a free registration on this page. You can find a running example on this page. Try it if you want. If you have found a bug, please let it me know and report the bug in the support forum.


- single user file uploads
- batch inserts
- user albums
- image rating system
- category management
- combined user/admin functions
- search function for images and albums
- folder management (creating/cleaning)
- tranfser images between user
- transfer albums between users
- image resizing for all stored thumbnails
- choose between disqus and own comment system
- four different blocks for center or side using
- blocks controlled with gallery settings
- plugin for Your_Account controlled with gallery settings
- css driven markup for modern browsers
- module-css-file for using in each theme
- jQuery: EZPZ Tooltip (Mike Enriquez)
- jQuery: bxSlider (Steven Wanderski)
- jQuery: Zoom (Jack Moore)


You need the current version 2.5.x of the RavenNuke CMS with a installed php version 5.2+. To create thumbnails, the GD-library must also be installed. Check your php info to get the informations.

If you find this module useful please show your support with a small donation!

Note: This package is not allowed on all domains like bestbuildpc.tld!

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