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(14.05.13 - 01:32)
sounds good! and looks good.
(14.05.13 - 01:21)
Very cool!
(14.05.13 - 00:43)
it was one of the best techno locations in berlin R.I.P.
(14.05.13 - 00:41)
it seems i must go to sweden for drinking beer right now *gg*
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  • Feb 19, 2019
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- new time sorting feature (you can set a new timestamp, you can choose between decending and acending)
- manage the max- and min-years of all posted articles
- new autonews function
- new expiration function
- new submit approve function
- new news-archive
- story-locker to block articles without the status active for all user. only admin can use the articles
- css implementation for all themes in the RavenNuke package with $modCssFile
- new listing of associated topics
- little jQuery functions for news and submit news to show timing-fields and listing of topics and submit-users
- rework of newsedit function with inline colorboxes and docs as language variables
- all other block- or module-files with functions of the News module was reworked to the new sorting
- save status in function editStory (done, approoved, failed, time error)
- nukeWYSIWYG integration
- included nukeWYSIWYG last theme, language and width/height fixes
- added control columns and pagination into the catagories index
- remove table from news index an replaced with a non-floated div solution created by css classes
- if the option columns display is active and its shows only one id in news or catagories
- added variable $fullwidth into index and catagories to control the displaying of the first container in full width
- change css-implementation in news index, catagories and article area
- remove double jquery loadings in news index and arcticle area
- control the colorbox call with the ton-query
- fixed text-decorations in top and bottoum links (placed in news.css)
- remove tables from article area and replaced with non-floated divs created by css classes
- put a news.css version in all themes in the RN package
- added some check variables into print.php and printpdf.php for empty ids
- remove tables from print.php and replaced with div an css-styles
- remove function getTopics from news index, catagories and article area and added into the querys.
- try to fix the filtering into the articlebox.php (ajax/colorbox specialchar issue with different charsets)
- try to add new filtering types in all files of the news and topics module (utf-8 support)
- added updated social-icons for social-sprites
- socialsharing links open now in a popup not more in a new window or tab
- remove radminsuper variable from admin functions
- feadcreator uft-8 issue quick&dirty fixed
- kses allowed protocols fix
- added jQuery charcounter for ckeditor
- after creating a new article you jump now directly in the archive with a topic selection, when a topic was selected
- change the status of articles inside the news archive, if the status on active or inactive without a expire-time
- added char counter options inside the newsconfig for the names of the topics and articles in the archive
- Submit News are based now on the functions for creating a new article with all known features and constants
- "komma vs. period" issue fixed for all echo strings
- added basic msqli syntax to all sql statements
- splitted admin files
- activate admin-notes setting
- fixed title issue in printpdf
- fixed validation errors
- patched for RN251

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