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(14.05.13 - 01:32)
sounds good! and looks good.
(14.05.13 - 01:21)
Very cool!
(14.05.13 - 00:43)
it was one of the best techno locations in berlin R.I.P.
(14.05.13 - 00:41)
it seems i must go to sweden for drinking beer right now *gg*
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  • Feb 19, 2019
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I have found the module for years in the webstore of the Code Authors website. At this time it was available for older PHPNuke versions, too. It already had a lot of helpful features and was perfect for my needs but all incoming messages was sent as mail and not more. I had it since then modified again and again, until I decided this year to extend it fully.

I have it makes possible that the messages can optionally be stored in the database. I wrote an inbox for different module administrators to manage the messages. Also you can set a date for castings or meetings. Another optional function allows to create and send answer-messages to the sender. Module administrators can also add comments to the incoming message.


- incoming messages can stored in the database
- inbox to manage the message (example)
- add answers and comments (example 1, example 2)
- send answers directly to the sender
- add casting/meeting dates(example)
- different rights for module- and super-admins
- new cases for departments, phone numbers and infos (example 1, example 2, example 3)
- PHP5 email validation
- UTF-8 prepared filterings
- mysqli statements
- included nukeWYSIWYG (ckeditor)


This module modification works only with RavenNuke 2.5 and it was created to work together on incoming messages with different admins in a team, like internet radio stations with more as one stream. Its not free stuff. If you are interested, register an free account on this page and contact me in the support forum!
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