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(14.05.13 - 01:32)
sounds good! and looks good.
(14.05.13 - 01:21)
Very cool!
(14.05.13 - 00:43)
it was one of the best techno locations in berlin R.I.P.
(14.05.13 - 00:41)
it seems i must go to sweden for drinking beer right now *gg*
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  • Feb 19, 2019
  • 21:40 CET
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Radio Management Center:

The RMC comes with a own user-management, which interacts with the user administration of the CMS and a own Trancscoder2 management, which interacts with the SHOUTcast2 streaming server system for multiple streams and time based playlists.

This system is not free of charge and available only as a complete package. The package included the installation of the CMS, and all required system settings. The price is negotiable and depends on the size of the project. If you are interested, register an free account on this page and contact me in the RMC support forum!


- shedule system for radioshows (example)
- radioshows interacts with page articles
- teamlist with profile pages (example 1, example 2)
- info section with many stream details (example)
- Facebook-application with all details of the info section (example)
- Wish & Greet system during live shows
- separate RN-Theme (CSS based, xHTML validated)
- rewrite rules for all streamlinks
- on air displays


- management to control all users between CMS, RMC and Transcoder2 users (example 1, example 2)
- users can change their own RMC profile with a separate user area (example)
- management for all incoming wishes and greets (example)
- management for all radioshows and own presets (example 1, example 2, example 3)
- management for all info sections (example 1, example 2)
- management for all streamlinks (example 1, example 2)
- management for time based SHOUTcast2 playlists (example 1, example 2)
- management for all playlist files (example)
- cron-management for Transcoder2 - SHOUTcast2 (example)


- Linux based root server
- PHP curl extension
- PHP ssh.o extension
- SHOUTcast2 with Trancscoder2
- RavenNuke(tm) v2.5.x CMS
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